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API 20E and 20F: Your Key to Top-Quality Bolting Solutions with Energy Bolting

In the ever-evolving landscape of global energy industries, precision and reliability are not mere aspirations; they are the foundation of success.

Welcome to Energy Bolting, a leading manufacturer of specialised fasteners and components, and your trusted partner for API 20E & 20F Bolting solutions.


API 20E & 20F: Elevating Bolting Standards

API 20E and 20F define bolting specification levels (BSL) for critical applications in the energy sector. These specifications establish technical rigor, quality assurance, and qualification prerequisites.

The highest BSL Level (BSL3) is to be used for ''critical bolting'' requirements.

Critical bolting is defined as bolting used to assemble wellbore pressure-containing parts (including end and outlet connections) or pressure-retaining parts whose failure would result in a release of wellbore fluid to the environment. .

Energy Bolting excels in meeting these standards.


API Monogram

Energy Bolting's commitment to quality and excellence is underlined by licensing to mark bolting with the API Monogram. API 20E-0098 BSL 1, 2 & 3, as well as API 20F-0048 BSL 2 & 3, Energy Bolting adheres to the highest industry standards.


Readiness and Flexibility

Time is often of the essence in our industries. That's why Energy Bolting excels in meeting urgent requirements on short lead times. We're also well-equipped to handle project demands and large batch quantities with competitive pricing.


Why Choose Energy Bolting?

Raw Material Stock

Monogrammed Product

Highest Criticality

API 20E-0098 (BSL Levels 1,2 & 3)

API 20F-0048 (BSL 2 & 3)

Short Delivery Times Available


About us

Energy Bolting is a manufacturer of API 20E & API 20F Bolting (BSL Levels 1,2 & 3)

Our foundation is built upon core values: Service Culture, Trusted Partnerships, Commitment to Quality, and Measurable Results. These values define the company's identity and commitment to customers, quality, and brilliance.

In the safety-critical landscape of energy industries, Energy Bolting stands as your partner, understanding nuances and exceeding expectations.



We believe that quality is an obligation and a responsibility.

Energy Bolting hold certification to many demanding globally-recognised standards

We are committed to supplying quality product, using our industry expertise and trusted

supply chain to provide tailored advice, technical support and quality solutions to meet customer requirements.


Send your API Bolting enquiries for a prompt and competitive quotation.

+44 (0) 1902 509000


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